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Hi I’m Amy,

I help solopreneurs discover their niche and how to amplify that in their marketing to stand out & attract their A-list customers


★ Do you worry you’re loosing out to your competitors, who, quite frankly, are not even as good as you! 

★ Do you start to feel a tad panicked, and may even let out a bit of an audible sigh, when someone asks ‘What do you do?’.  

★ Do you think you’ve got an idea of what makes you stand out, but you’re struggling to make it come across when you’re communicating to your audience.

★ Or maybe you know you’ve got a great business, but aren’t 100% sure what that special something is that makes you totally unique to everything else out there. 

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place!


I’m here to give you the clarity and confidence to shout from the roof tops what makes you different, and totally awesome, so you become an absolute customer magnet!

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USP = Unique Selling Proposition - basically the bit that makes you A-maz-ing!

On this site you’ll find some great free content and services to help you gain clarity and ooze confidence in communicating what makes your business so unique and why that’s the key that will attract more A-list customers to you.


What do you want to do..

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What they say about me

Catherine testimonial

“Amy is very knowledgeable about marketing and it was great to have her input. She is really approachable, very easy to talk to and really knows her stuff. Thank you so much!” - Catherine

Judith testimonial

“Working with Amy I now have all the tools at my fingertips. I have much more confidence in knowing what I’m meant to be doing when it comes to marketing. Understanding who I am and who my ideal client really is has helped massively. It really has been invaluable! Thank you!” Judith


"Amy provided outstanding services to us and helped tremendously to build a website we were wanting to have. Attentive to our requests, she carried through exactly what I and my business partner were looking for. Additionally, even after finalising the project, Amy remained in touch with us and provided all the necessary help and improvements we asked for. I would definitely recommend her."

Becky testimonial

“As a new entrepreneur I understood the importance of brand identity to attract my ideal clients but I felt overwhelmed by all the aspects I needed to consider. The session was so much fun and Amy’s marketing expertise was invaluable. I walked away with crystal-clear clarity on my brand identity and with useful resources to action my plan. I definitely feel more energised and motivated and feel super confident now to create a memorable and successful business. Thank you!” - Becky

sam testimonial

"Amy has helped me look at my website and social media channels in a constructive manner. I feel it's important to get other professionals' opinions on how I present my business. Amy has given me some amazing feedback and is useful for all creative businesses" Sam

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‘I’d highly recommend Amy. She’s got an instinctive feel for her clients’ needs and comes up with the perfect solution. From start to finish it was a pleasure working with her and I’d definitely work with her again'

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