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Amy Caiger Brand and Marketing Strategist and Coach

I'm Amy
& I'm here to help 

Overcome your overwhelm and be the marketing superstar you want to be!
No, you don't need to have a MBA from Harvard, or even be mega tech savvy. It really is so simple, all you need is some common sense, (which we all have), enthusiasm (go on, tick another box) and be on the right path (which is why I am here - Hi!).
Follow my straightforward steps and you will begin to see more of your potential clients falling over themselves to work with you or buy your product. 

but doesn't it take a lot of time? I do need to run my business!

Actually no! Having a supersmart plan of action can actually save you time! Knowing you have a kickass plan of action streamlines your day/week/month and gives you more, yes MORE, time to work on your business. Plus you are enticing lots of lovely new customers as you go - which is ummmm, why marketing is so awesome! And of course there is no point in having an uber cool product or service if no one knows about it, right! 
You will soon be saying 'why have I not always done this'! as marketing becomes as much a part of your daily routine and as second nature as brushing your teeth! Gotta have good dental health! ;)
More clients AND more time - what is the catch?? Absolutely nothing... say it again! Sign me up now, I hear you say!! 

Having a breathtaking promo plan of action you can... (and you will)

marketing plan of action 1

Feel mega chuffed with yourself that you are in control, the overwhelm has gone, you know what you are doing, you know your Instagram Stories from your Facebook Lives and can dazzle your friends and colleagues with your marketing prowess! 

marketing plan of action 2

Feel much more relaxed as the hamster wheel in your head has stopped, you can now see clearly, you are being more productive and your business is going from strength to strength as your customers are pouring in (something else you can slip into conversation!) 

marketing plan of action 3

Feel more at one with your business. Now I know you're probably thinking 'Err yes I do know my business thank you' but by getting to grips with why you are different, how to want to portray yourself & getting to know who your clients really are, means you will continue going up that ladder all the way to the swanky 5 star bar with cocktails, champagne, caviar canapés... or whatever you see at the top!

What My Clients Say


"Amy has helped me look at my website and social media channels in a constructive manner. As a practising artist, I feel it's important to get other professionals' opinions on how I present my business. Amy has given me some amazing feedback and is useful for all creative businesses"
Sam Peacock - Artist

‘I’d highly recommend Amy. She’s got an instinctive feel for her clients’ needs and comes up with the perfect solution. From start to finish it was a pleasure working with her and I’d definitely work with her again'
Patsy Dixon - Liberty Gallery

"Amy provided outstanding services to us and helped tremendously to build a website we were wanting to have. Attentive to our requests, she carried through exactly what I and my business partner were looking for. Additionally, even after finalising the project, Amy remained in touch with us and provided all the necessary help and improvements we asked for. I would definitely recommend her."
Anastasia Petrovskaya - The Art Partners


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