If you are looking to get clear on your own awesome Power Brand then you are in the right place!

I find it is all very well knowing the 'how to' steps when it comes to marketing, how to write the perfect email, or best way to use hashtags on Instagram etc, but if you have a flaky, luke-warm brand, or in fact no brand at all, then your marketing plan just ain’t gonna work! Sorry!

You need to take a step back and really and I mean REALLY get to know you and your business from the inside out, so that you are 100% crystal clear of your intentions as a brand and business.

Still a bit unsure of what your power brand is? Then don’t worry,  I am here to help.

I am here to give you the clarity, strength, and confidence to create an awesome power brand that is authentic and original to you, and create MORE success for your business.

Get ready to kick your competitors out of the water as you are going to be making a splash!  



Why is having a brand so important

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Ok so why is having a brand is important? It isn’t just important, it is in fact crucial if you want to connect with your ideal clients (which will then turn into ££$$€€ for you!)

Having a strong brand will help your ideal customers know you, like you and trust you a whole lot quicker as they will be able to relate to you. Plus they will know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it - confusion - goodbye!

Being crystal on your mission, values and intention as a business, and knowing EXACTLY who your clients are, and I am not talking about age, sex and location, I am talking about getting to know so much about them you know what underwear they are wearing! and knowing what the REAL reason is that they want your product or service. *Spoiler Alert* it is normally an emotional one.

Once you have a clear defined intention and purpose for your business, I'm talking straplines, elevator pitches, mission statements, values, tone of voice... (well hello there brand) you can start to communicate it to the big wide world (well actually just to your super targeted ideal wonder client!).
Only now once you have this clarity can you bring in the design elements and communication plans. (A brand is not just a logo!) And believe me, being clear on who you are and who you are talking to, makes this much process much easier! Writer's block will be a thing of the past.

Do not veer off what your brand is trying to say, keep it strong!  
Then it is wash, rinse, repeat (I'm talking consistency people!) to keep building and building, pulling in lots of loyal followers along the way.


Who am I?


I am Amy, Hi! I have worked in marketing for over 12 years, working with large public facing organisations where brands are very important as they have a rep to protect, and small businesses who are want to be heard above the noise but don’t know where to start.

Numerous campaigns, projects and programmes later I am now focusing on helping entrepreneurs and small biz owners who have the mindset for change. The time is now for them to create more success in their life and build a brand that represents them, their mission, and gets them excited to wake up in the morning!

Are you ready to create your Power Brand, kick some ass & have some fun along the way?