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'I don't want to be annoying'!

This is something I hear almost every week and I always see an internal battle of ‘not wanting to annoy anyone’. I have seen small business actually apologise for asking for an email address with a very quick secondary response of ‘don’t worry we won’t email you all the time’. Now think to your own email inboxes and how many times you get emailed by companies and organisations you have signed up to. Firstly off the top of your head how many do you remember (no cheating by looking at your inbox)? Secondly how many of these emails do you like receiving and even look out for? And thirdly how often are receiving emails from them? I bet the answers are, you remember the ones that email you most regularly, you like the ones who send you interesting content, and I bet the answer to the third one is not once a year!

Much more than you think! 

So to go back to the question how often should you be emailing your email list, the short answer is a lot more than you think. The key with email is that you are creating a relationship with your mailing list. Giving them interesting content about you and your products, helping them with whatever problem they have that your product solves, and giving loads of great added value. If you keep their email addresses safe for a rainy day, emailing them only a couple of times a year, you will not be able to do this, and chances are they would have completely forgotten all about you so when you do email them it would have been a bit of a random surprise.

But what if they unsubscribe??!!

You may be thinking about the customer in all this, going back to the not annoying them scenario, but you are a business, and the point of having these email addresses is actually for them to hopefully buy something from you later on down the line or become a repeat buyer. If your subscriber doesn’t want to receive your emails, guess what, they can unsubscribe! If people unsubscribe do not worry about this - you will always get unsubscribers. There is no point in having all these email addresses if you are not emailing them, yes not everyone will want to receive your emails, that is fine, and secondly if they are to unsubscribe, that is totally fine too! These people are not your ideal customer and wouldn't have bought from you anyway - so you might as well get them off your list so you can concentrate on the ones still on there.  

Don't throw away 30% of your potential sales!

The numbers are this - 10% buy from your straight away (a mix of 3% immediately and 7% pretty quickly) 60% will never buy from you - there you go, there are people who won’t buy from you, accept that and move on - and move on to this little number (or actually not so little number) 30% will buy from you at some point - not today, maybe not next month, but they will - and it is these lovely lovely people that are on your mailing list. So if you are not emailing them, you are automatically throwing away 30% of your potential sales straight away.


In terms of the exactly how much you should be contacting your list this does depend slightly on your content and your business, but I would recommend between once a week and once every two weeks. Life moves very fast nowadays, and there is so much to compete with you don’t want to get lost. When a subscriber first signs up to you, this is your moment to actually email even more than that as much as 3-5 emails in a 2 week period. Take this opportunity to tell your new subscriber a little bit about you and your business, why you do it and how can you help them. This should (as should all your emails) be interesting content, not salesy emails asking them to buy buy buy from you - that is spammy and in any of your emails I am not suggesting that this is the way to go! Actually there are some numbers here too. This time 80:20 are your magic numbers, meaning 80% of your content should be interesting, added value content, and only 20% should be the sales stuff - but do not forget about this 20% as that is very important!

You are not Nike!

Remember as a small business we are not huge brands like Nike, Apple or Amazon, people do not already know about us, even if they have signed up to your mailing list, so we need to tell them. Your emails are a chance for you to get in front of your potential clients and grow your know, like and trust. That is your potential customers getting to know you, then liking you, then they will begin to trust you and then buy from you.

Don't loose out

So next time you have wondering if you should email your mailing list or not, think that if you don’t your competitors probably are - and who do you think will get the sale? The one that emails regularly and is kept front of mind and is giving loads of added value the potential customer feels they really know, like and trust this business, or the one thinking about the feelings of their customer, so much, they don’t email them? I know who my money is on!


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