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You think organic growth on Facebook is dead, think again. Yes it isn’t as easy as it used to be, but definitely don't chuck it in the bin quite yet.

Here are ways you can make the most of your Facebook page to get better reach and to engage more people.

Here are my must do things to get the most out of Facebook. Like any marketing activity the key is being consistent. Nothing on social media is an overnight success.  It unfortunately is not a case of do it once and see the followers and clients come pouring in. I don’t want to make out that these tips are the silver bullet for you Facebook page, as I am afraid there isn't one! But keeping consistent with the points below, will help you increase your engagement. So remember that and keep going, keep up the good work, you will then see the results you are after.

First things first, let’s start with the set up on your Facebook page.

Your Page set up

Getting your page shipshape gives you the optimal use of your page.
Here is a checklist to help you get your page in order.

1) Your profile image should be a picture of you - not your logo.
Your logo doesn’t mean anything to anyone you are not Nike! People relate to people, so a picture of you will help with connecting with your audience a lot quicker.

2) Make sure you have filled out all your details
These include the following - you can do this via Settings -> Page info
- Website/ email/ phone number
- Category
- About you
- Location
- Hours
- Link your Instagram (if you have one)

3) Move your tabs around so that they are relevant to you
You can do this via Settings -> templates and tabs.
Delete any that are not applicable, remove events for example, if you never do events. Then reorder them so you most important bits are first. If you have a group you want to promote, make this  at the top. If you focus on your videos put them at the top, or if you have loads of great reviews you may want that to feature first. The order of your tabs along the side, relate to the order in your feed.

4) Add your group (if you have one)
Make it that little bit easier for someone to know you have a group, and also to join it.

5) Add videos
If you have some older Facebook lives or videos you created on other channels, no is the time to upload them. You can backdate them if you wish. Create folders to categorise them, so it is easy for people to search through.

6) Activate your messenger  
You can do this via Settings -> Messaging. This means that the messenger tab will pop up that will make it easier for people to contact you.

7) Optimise your banner image
Use your banner image to tell people a bit more about you. Dimensions for your Facebook page banner are 820 x 312 pixels.
Include your strapline, so your visitors know how you answer their pain point. Or use it to advertise your Facebook group or lead magnet. Don’t only have a picture of you, or worse a stock photo - that doesn’t tell your visitor anything about you.

8) Get testimonials
Ask your clients to add a testimonial on your Facebook page. This is a great way to add credibility to you and your page.

Your Posts

1) Write great content
The most obvious thing to say first of all, and sometimes is is forgotten about, is to write great content. No matter how well you set your Facebook page up, if your posts are falling flat no one will care.  Think - Are your posts actually interesting? If you came across them on your feed, would you find them interesting or helpful, would you stop and read? Would you like or write a comment?
Take a step back and look at your content from your ideal clients point of view.  If you find it dull, chances are so will your ideal client. If you are struggling, get a friend to have a look for you and get some feedback. Don’t post for posting sake!

2) Keep consistent
There are lots of theories out there for how often you should post. It can range from no more than twice a day to three times a week, to no more than 10 times per week. But whatever you choose, make sure it is an amount you are able to keep up with. Posting twice a day for one week and then not posting again for two, will not help with your engagement. Regular consistency is key.

3) Create shareable content and tell them to share it
Think about your content as shareable content.  Would someone want to share it with their friends? If you think you are creating share-worthy content don't assume they will think to share it. To help them along add some call to actions in your post to encourage sharing.
For example  ‘Tag a friend who would like this/ feels this way too etc’. Or ‘Share this with someone you know struggles with this/ needs help with this etc’

3) Try not to add external links to your post
Facebook wants people to stay on Facebook, so they don’t like it if you try and get people to go elsewhere. They are funny like that!
Try to limit the amount of posts you are sending people off to your website, blog or YouTube channel. Instead try to get them to engage with you on Facebook.
That is not to say you can never link away to your website, blog post, or YouTube channel, but try not to do it for every post.
If you are including links a lot of your posts, you could add the link to your comments. Of course don't forget to say you are doing that so your reader knows where to look. Although do note that if someone was to share your post your link may not included.

4) Add images
Always add an image to a post, posts with images will get more reach that posts that contain only text.

5) Facebook lives
Facebook love a good Live and will push it out further for you to get more reach.

6) Commenting when someone comments on your post.
The whole point of social media is to be social, so if someone does comment on your post, please respond back.
Not only will this make your ‘commentor’ feel a little bit special, it will also help with your reach. Facebook will be able to see that things are happening on your post, so people must be liking it! By not answering your comments it shows that you are not active on your Facebook page. This will discourage others from commenting in the future.

Extra engagement

Getting the most out of your Facebook isn’t only reserved for the bits you can see. You can also do a lot behind the scenes that will encourage people to interact with you. Starting individual conversations is when the change from fan to customer begins.

1) Follow up with new followers
Say hi when someone new likes your page ( you can do this via settings -> people and other pages). Bear in mind that you may not see the names of everyone who likes your Page because of security settings.
Say hi, and ask them a bit about who they are (relevant to your businesses). Let them know that they can contact you if they have any questions relating to what you do.
If you felt brave enough you could always do a voice message instead to say hi.

2) Follow up with regular 'likers' or those that comment a lot
Reach out to them and see if they need any extra help with anything. It is a great reminder that you are on hand to help.

There you have it. Lots of ways to get the most out of your Facebook page. Start implementing straight away to improve your reach and engagement on Facebook.

If you have any questions about your Facebook page then either comment below or message me in the chat box (bottom right corner).


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