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In every industry there is always competition, there will always be someone selling a similar product to you or running a similar business. Sometimes imposter syndrome kicks in as you think ‘why would someone work with me, especially when they {my competitor} have so much more experience than me’, or it may just be ‘what if people think their product is better than mine’? This is when your brand comes into play.

Why do you make your decisions?

When people buy a product and this is everything from a can of baked beans, a box of tissues, where they buy their clothes or want to drink their coffee. A decision has already been made, and most of the time it is a subconscious one. Something connects you to that product over another one.

Why do the underdogs win at taste tests? 

I was chatting to a friend about this yesterday, we were discussing the programme Supershoppers. As part of this programme they do a blind taste test of various products from various brands. The interesting thing is always with these sorts of tests is that is is normally a surprise who wins. It is not normally the one that would ‘win’ if you could see what company the product came from. So why it is not always the ‘best’ that is the most popular?

Preconceived ideas influence you

This is because people already have a preconceived idea of the brand they like and this influences the product they buy. If you are in a supermarket and you are faced with a whole range of the exact same products, which one do you choose? And even before then, what supermarket have you gone it to start with?

How do you make your choices? 

Think about it, really think about it. Why do you decide to go to a particular coffee shop every morning to get your coffee? Ok it might be because it is in a convenient location, but I bet it also has something to do with the business themselves. Maybe it is because they organically source their coffee beans, or they have a strong relationship with the coffee farmers where their coffee comes from, or because they are an independent local business, or maybe it is because they are a huge trusted brand. Whatever it is it will be something that resonates with you and this is why you go there.

How can you apply this to your business? 

How can you apply this to your own business? This is where your brand is so important. Yes you might be running a similar business or selling similar products than someone else, but how are you different? Think about your values as a business, how are you different from your competitors, what is your story? Having a strong identity will help your business resonate with people in the same way as why you choose to buy a particular product or go to particular shops. Getting your business story out there will make you unique from your competitors. Even if you do sell the same product, your stories will be different and it is this that will set you apart and will bring you your ideal client :)

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