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MailChimp is probably the most know of all the email providers out there. Probably because 1) it has been going for a very long time  and 2) it is still the email platform that give you the most amount of subscribers for free (2,000). It is a great email service provider - but I have another one for you that may prove to be of interest! 

If you are a small business under the 2,000 subscriber threshold then MailChimp does everything you need. It is easy to create your emails using a drag and drop system. It has however seemingly got more confusing over the last few updates, and it is also getting a bit behind their competitors when it comes to the more advanced features it offers through automation, landing pages, and list groups. Plus once you get over that free 2,000 mark and you want to stay using MailChimp, it starts to get very expensive very quickly!

There is however a newer product taking the email marketing system world by storm - it is still free for a lot of subscribers (1,000), it is even easier to use, plus it has some great extra features for those who want to get a bit more advanced with your email marketing. Just because you are a small business, doesn't mean that you don't want to do the snazzy stuff should you wish! This product is MailerLite. 

So to start with the basics

Once you have logged in MailerLite has simple straightforward options as to what you want to do. Along the top navigation you have the options of campaigns, subscribers, automation and forms - all with very self explanatory symbols next to them (campaigns has an envelope for example which lets you know this means emails) clicking on each of these takes you straight to where you can see your existing campaigns, subscribers, automations and forms, and also very straightforwardly tells you how to add a new one. Also there are big orange buttons that you can click on in each section that leads directly to what you should be doing on that page. No messing about with confusing wording or unnecessary clicks.

MailerLite Welcome Screen - this will be populated once you have sent some emails and added subscribers.

MailerLite Welcome Screen - this will be populated once you have sent some emails and added subscribers.

I will go over a few of the features I think are very beneficial and that are better than MailChimp.

Email creation

Creating emails is so much easier - I find that even though they have a very similar interface (pretty much identical in fact) I find MailerLite more flexible and also less buggy. In MailChimp once you have chosen your template structure - it is not very easy to change it, which can become really annoying! I also like the fact that when creating a new email from scratch, your template remembers the header and footer you created in your past email. These is great as this saves you loads of time and faffing and also creates consistency with your emails. When creating a new email you get to choose from MailerLite templates, emails you have previously sent or start from scratch. Once again choosing an email you previously sent (this is automatic, you do not have to remember to save it to templates) can save you time if you have a regular format you send out.

Subscriber Organisation

Another feature that MailerLite surpasses MailChimp in is the organising of your subscribers. Creating groups and segments is so easy to do and is really flexible. This on MailChimp is a bit of a mess, not logical, time consuming and not very user friendly at all - in a nutshell.

MailerLite Subscribers Page - you can see the groups, segments etc easily in the subscriber navigation

MailerLite Subscribers Page - you can see the groups, segments etc easily in the subscriber navigation


The other main feature - and this was actually the reason I moved away from MailChimp is the automation feature. For those who are not too sure of what this is the automation feature allows you to send a set of email automatically once a certain trigger has been activated (a new subscriber to a list, or someone clicks on something in your email etc) As well as sending emails, you can also apply actions to the subscriber on the journey, adding them to another group for example. This is definitely something you want if you are upscaling your business - or if you want to get into good habits early so you are ready for when you have loads of subscribers coming in. You don’t want to leave any of your new subscribers out in the cold by forgetting to email them so this feature is very handy - and on MailerLite, very easy to set up. Meanwhile you can carry on with other aspects of your business. The reason this feature is better on MailerLite rather than on MailChimp, is that currently there is no feature to move subscribers to different groups or lists after they have been through the automation sequence of emails. This is a massive oversight on their behalf as one of the main points of automation is not just to send a series of emails to a particular list (regular scheduling does this) but it is the ability to do stuff with your subscribers based on what they have done along the email journey.

Landing Pages and Forms - data capture

The other thing that is good about MailerLite is that you can create landing pages and forms which you can either use as a url to direct people to, on your instagram profile for example, add to buttons on your website, or in fact embed into your website so they appear as a pop up or form directly in the page. Yes there are better providers for creating landing pages, but remember MailerLite is free (or not much once you have to start paying) and if you are just starting out with using landing pages, or you just want the ease of your landing pages or forms (where you get your email addresses) , subscribers and your emails all in one place, or want to save a bit of dosh, as even though things are not too expensive, lots of little bits and pieces do start to add up, then it isn’t half bad!

MailerLite Landing Page page - simple and once clicked on 'create and landing page' you get step by step instructions on how to create the page

MailerLite Landing Page page - simple and once clicked on 'create and landing page' you get step by step instructions on how to create the page

Need help? They have that covered too!

Also another really helpful thing about MailerLite is that they have an online chat, so if you ever get stuck with something you are doing,  they are there to help straight away! Great for those new to MailerLite or those who are not as confident with their digital skills.


So in conclusion if you are new to email marketing and are looking for your first email marketing system, finding MailChimp or another email marketing system a bit confusing, or you are looking to save a bit of money then I definitely recommend giving MailerLite a go.


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