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Sending emails to your mailing list is something you should do regularly to nurture all your lovely sign ups. There is no point in getting email addresses and keeping hold of them for a rainy day! This is your chance to tell interested parties more about you and your business and build up their trust so they go on to buy from you. As with all of your communications these will not all be 'Buy from me' emails follow the 80:20 rule. This being 80% interesting content for your subscriber and only 20% selling. 

To make sure you are creating your emails in the right way, and so you can make sure you are setting them up for success, here are my top 5 things to include in your email newsletters. 

#1 - Attention Grabbing Subject Line

This is your first chance to stand out and get those on your mailing list to take part in step number 1 - open your email! There will be numerous emails coming into their inbox, a lot of which will remain unread, so you need to stand out from the rest to get that all important click. To make the most of your subject line, think of something with that has urgency, curiosity - perhaps a question or personalisation. 

#2 - Engaging Headings

Your email recipient has now opened the email, how can you make sure they keep reading? 
Make sure your headings are interesting, but that it also allows people to know what the email is about. 
Use a different font, colour, or personalisation to break up the black text of the email. 

#3 - Links Back To Your Website

You need to make sure that your reader can click on parts of the email to be taken elsewhere so they can continue to explore you and your business. The email is not purely a letter and once it is read that is that. Include relevant links on your images, logo, highlighted text and buttons. This way people can continue their engagement after the email has been read.  

#4 - Call To Action

As said in the previous point - your email is not just a lovely letter. There must be a reason to it.What do you want your reader to do? It could be that you want them to click and read a blog post, RSVP to an event or buy a product. But keep it to one thing, having loads of calls to actions will be confusing for your reader. Each time you write an email think what is the purpose, what do I want my reader to do from reading this email. Remember that all your communications can't be all about selling your product - an 80:20 split is good - with the 20% being the 'buy from me' communications.

#5 - Don't Make It Too Long

No one wants or has time to read a novel when it comes to their emails! Keep the paragraphs short and punchy with short sentences. Highlight key words in your copy, by making bold or changing colour, this will help break up text and make it easier to skim read. 
Try not to include too many different topics as this can become overwhelming and confusing. Keep it simple and keep the other subjects you want to tell your reader for the next email. 


Don't forget to include your logo or image of you, social media handles and contact details so they know who you are and how to contact you.

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