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Your website homepage is one of the first opportunities your ideal client gets to know more about your business. It can't just be pretty, it needs to be work too! So here are top 5 things to include on your website homepage. 

#1 - An Image Of Yourself and/or Your Product

Including a picture above the fold (the top section before you need to scroll down) of yourself if you are a service business and a picture of yourself and/or your best/newest product if you are product based business, means that when someone arrives on your website, they know instantly what you are about and what you are selling. 

#2 - A Tagline

As well as your image it is also good to include a tagline. That way, along with the image, you are explaining to the visitor exactly what you do. 
Try to be unique and find a way to convey how you are different to your competitors. Also try to answer the pain point of your visitor. Rather than just saying 'Chef in London' try something like 'Passionate about eating healthy on a small budget'.

#3 - Answer Their Question/Problem

Rather than just listing what you do, try to refer to how, what you do helps your potential client with their problem or question. Why have they come to your website to start with? Don't try and make the visitor work out how you will help them with their problem or question - do it for them. 
If you are a fitness coach, for example, you may help people loose weight, but it is more than just being thinner also explain how you will help them feel more confident - think about what isthe real reason they want your service.

#4 - Email Sign Up

This is really important as you want to be able to engage and chat with your potential clients. Just letting them peruse your website with no option of engaging with them further will decrease your potential sales. 
You will have to be inventive as to how you get their emails. Think of a must have item to enticethem to give you their email address, try something such as a cheat sheet or how to guide, discount / free shipping or a quiz. Think about how this item gives your potential client added value, which in turn will help them get to know you, like you and trust you.  

#5 - Testimonials

People love to have a recommendation - you are more likely to buy from someone if another person has sung their praises. Make sure you ask for testimonials after someone has bought from you and you can then use them to impress the viewers on your website. It could make a difference if your potential client is comparing you to someone else or if they are on the fence when it comes to buying from you.  

* Remember!

Don't make your homepage too busy with too much going on or too much text. White space is good! 

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