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Creating a brand board is so helpful for your business. Not only does it help you align what your business is about, you mission, your values, with who your client is, a brand board also makes creating graphics and website design so much easier! Having guidelines to work from will make everything you create, whether that is a banner for your website or social media post graphic, on brand and consistent. It helps you clarify who you are as a business and how you portray yourself to the outside world, and will make you more memorable.

Here are my top 5 tools to use when creating your brand board.


Pinterest - This is such an awesome tool when it comes to brainstorming ideas. Create a secret board and pin as many images to it that resonate with your brand keywords - what does your ideal client look like, what do they like etc. After you have finished pinning you should be able to see a look and feel start to materialise.  


Canva - One of the best tools out there for small businesses - so helpful of anyone working by themselves or in very small teams. You can create all your graphics without having hire a designer! Amazing! But that is for another blog - for this one we want to use it to gather together your ideas from your brainstorm.
Also once you can create your finished brand board here too.

You can also create a logo for your business here as well! See I told you it was the Best App Ever!


Fontjoy - Font combinations are something to think about just as much as your colours. Your fonts need to represent you as a business. For headings you can be a bit more fancy with the font, but with body copy it is best to keep it simple so it is easy to read. It is good to also combine serif fonts (the ones with the ‘flicks’ at the ends) with non serif fonts (no flicks). If you are stuck for what fonts go well with other fonts - check out for some inspiration. You can generate font combinations and when you like one you lock it down and continue to generate the remaining fonts. Similarly if you know you want a particular font, add it, lock it in and then see what fonts go well with it.


Coolors - This is a similar app to the font app but this time with colours. Upload your brand mood board for colour suggestions. Once you like a colour or colour combination lock it in and continue your search for the other colours.

Creative Market

Creative market - This is a great tool if you not only want to add colours to your branding, but patterns, textures, illustrations or icons. These are categorised in design packages and each is priced differently. Alternatively Canva also has icons and patterns you can use as part of your designs.  

Enjoy, happy brand board creating! :) 


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