Why You Should Put Prices On Your Website

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Wondering whether you should be putting your prices on your website? The the answer is 100% yes!
Please read on… The reason I say yes is that so that you are making things as easy as possible for your potential buyer. Don’t be all cloak and daggers with your pricing. If someone doesn’t know your prices, chances are they are going to think it will be out of their price range and could be hesitant to contact you to ask. Also you are making them complete an extra step - one more than its necessary. That step could have instead be pressing that buy now button and completing the purchase.  It is that same feeling you get when you walk into an expensive store or Mayfair Art Gallery and realise there are no prices on anything. It implies if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it!

Make it easy

The main thing is to make it as easy as possible for your potential customers to buy from you. Not advertising your price is an extra barrier you may lose someone unnecessarily. Each touch point is a chance that someone will lose interest and drop off so cut down the amount of things someone has to do in order to buy from you. Same with including your price and hiding it - if you are worried someone will baulk at your price, hiding the price will not suddenly make them be able to afford it. If you clearly display your prices next to your products or at the top of the page, your potential customer can make the decision immediately if they can afford it and if they want to go ahead. Chances are if they were to see the price, they would be very happy and would buy.

Win the passive search

If someone is on the lookout for your product and is at the comparing stage - you don’t want to miss out if you don’t have your price on your page but your competitor does. If this happens chances are they will go with your competitor through ease of knowing how much it costs and what they get for that price. They can assess and compare immediately. Same as if they wanted to buy in a short space of time - if your competitor has the price and a buy now button ready to take their order - they probably won’t even bother to contact you for a quote/ to ask how much your product is.

What about Bespoke Pricing?

If you have bespoke pricing or you don’t have such a black and white pricing structure - give a price range instead. That way someone will know if your prices are in their budget and are more likely to contact you as they won’t feel that a ridiculous quote will come back to them which they will have to decline. But if there is a way to package up your services rather than having everything totally bespoke - it will make things much easier for both yourself and the customer.

In Conclusion

So in conclusion price on your website = massive tick! Being open and straightforward = more potential sales.


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