Brand Boost

£1,000* - Full Day (7hrs inc lunch) 

'Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start'. Let's take this time and emulate Maria and the Von Trapps and take a step back and think about the brand of your business. And when I say brand, I don't mean your logo. Sure a logo is part of it your brand, but only a very teeny tiny part! 

Your brand is your identity as a business, what makes you different, what are your values, who are your customers? Once you have a really firm idea on these aspects everything else in your business will become so much easier.

Stuck for what to write or to whom? Once you have your brand nailed, all you communications will have a point and a purpose and writing copy for your website, emails and social media posts will become so much simpler! :)

In my Brand Boost, we will spend a day getting to the roots of your business. It will be a fun day with lots of brainstorming (love a good brainstorm!!)
We will deep dive into your business and will surface with a killer brand! Your new and improved brand will set you apart from your competition attracting  your perfect clients to you like a big ol' magnet! 

If you go for the full day option - then we will look into how your brand can be rolled out across all your communications, as we get an awesome strategy in place. 

Is it for me?

If you are still unsure of where your business sits in the great scheme of things, are finding it a massive chore to write copy or think of what you should be posting on social media? Do you feel you don't really have a voice or one that isn't really you? Then my Brand Boost is for you! We will get everything sorted and by the end of our session you will be owning it and your confidence, enthusiasm, motivation and excitement will be through the roof! :) 

Ready to get your brand sorted be totally awesome? Then contact me to arrange your Brand Boost! 

Full Day (7hrs including lunch) - £1,000*

*payment plans available


NB - These sessions take place in London or via Skype (or other video call platform), should you want to meet elsewhere additional costs may be incurred.