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 For freelancers & solopreneurs
wanting to Unleash their niche &
attract more grade ‘A’ clients


Secret sauce, va-va-voom, magic potion, superpower, x-factor, wow-factor, zaubertrank, USP….whatever you want to call it, I’ll help you find it. And when you do, your small business will make a big impact.

But right now, you’re just one of eleventy billion people who seem to be providing the exact same service as you.

It all feels a bit beige, vanilla, samey, meh.

You wonder how on earth are you going to stand out in the sea of carbon copy businessses!

And you’re pulling your hair out as to what your niche should be? Arghhhh! 😱

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★ The virtual world is so noisy, you think to yourself ‘how am I ever going to stand out?’ You’re looking at social media, (probably way more often than you should), and you feel you’re losing out to your competitors AND their product or service isn’t even as good as yours!

★ You’re frustrated because your business has so much more potential, but you’re stumped as to how to get to where you want to go. You’re fed up of taking clients just for the money, you want more of your A-list clients, but don’t know how or where to start to connect with them.

★ Quite frankly, you’re getting exhausted trying to work out everything by yourself, you’re in a bit of a brain fog and can’t see the wood from the trees anymore.

★ You’re ready for a change!

Let’s discover what makes you special.
Then amplify that in your marketing, so you
stand-out, attract all the right people, and never feel like one of the crowd again.


➤ What you really want is your business to be thriving! You know your niche in the market and you understand your customers.

➤ You’re confident, you’re composed, you’re standing out and quite frankly owning it!

➤ You’ve finally got your marketing right and everything has clicked into place. You’ve gone from doing ok to doing absolutely A-maz-ing


I help you by unlocking that special something that makes your business different from anything else out there and how this is the key to confidence, connections and customers in your business. Plus it will make your marketing a hell of a lot easier!

I’ll be by your side every step of the way giving you that extra bit of support and advice to make sure you hit your goals, don’t get too overwhelmed or fall into the grips of procrastination.

Amy Caiger Marketing Mentor
So who am i?

I’m Amy and I’ve worked in marketing for over 15 years, working with large public facing organisations where brands are very important as they have a rep to protect (and staff to get on the same page!), and small businesses who want to be heard above the noise but don’t know where to start.

Numerous campaigns, projects and programmes later I help business owners grow their businesses, find more leads, and get their businesses in front of more dream clients. Whatever stage you’re at with your business, I’m here to support and guide you to help get you the results you want.

But Don’t just take my word for it...

Meet georgia

“Working with Amy has been amazing! I now know what I want for my business and how to get it. I feel in control of my business and my marketing. I know what to do with my time and what to focus on. I’m way more productive and am no longer swimming in the dark.

I made more money last month than I’ve done before, which I’m so excited about. I’m not worrying about paying bills anymore, so my mind is free to think about growing my business.

I have confidence in knowing who my ideal client is, which is helping me make the right decisions for my business. It allows me to say no to the wrong clients or things that don’t fit, and say yes to more of the right clients, collaborations and content. I’m doing things that I would never have even thought about before working with Amy!

I’ve learned so much more than ‘just’ marketing techniques – I have learned to see the value in my business, recognise its potential, and turn that into actions. Going in to this experience I hoped I would improve my website and get a better idea of what sort of clients I could be looking for. I have come out the other side with not only those things, but a whole new language, outlook and a new confidence that I can carry forward.

I can’t thank Amy enough, she really has transformed my business. I’m so glad I met her!”



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What is stand out and shine?

Stand out & Shine is a 1:1 programme where we work together to uncover your niche and get super clear on your customer.
We then plan how to magnify this in your marketing so you stand out and attract more of your A-list clients

The programme consists of

Niche builder day

🔷 1 x Biz analysis

As soon as you sign up, we get cracking with a questionnaire to get us connected so I know as much about your biz, and where you’re at right now.
You’ll also get a series of videos to get you focused and in the zone ahead of our Niche Builder day.

🔷 1 x Niche Builder day (full day, 6hrs)

This is where the fun begins! I LOVE this day and so do my clients as this is where the breakthroughs happen.
On this day the energy levels are through the roof as your biz is unpicked so we find out why your business is so awesome and how you can communicate this to become a complete customer magnet.

We’ll look at
- What your business is about 
- What makes you different and how to use it to make customers flock to you
- Your customer avatar - We will get super clear and we go so much deeper than just demographics. 
- Talking about your business - Nailing that all important elevator pitch. No more rambling about what you do!

After this day with me you’ll have increased clarity, vision and focus and will know the path to follow to get you to where you want to be.

Be prepared for lots of brainstorming, lots of focus and lots of answers. Plus you get a cool workbook!


🔷 1 x 30min Follow up session via Skype

I don’t just want to get you fired up with this amazing clarity with all these ideas flowing and then just leave you to it. We all know that once the breakthroughs happen, more questions arrive when you start to implement.

Which is why every Niche Builder day comes with a 30 min catch up video call where you can ask me any questions that have come up after our kickstarter session.

*The Niche Builder day takes place face to face in London or via video call if you are elsewhere in the UK/World.


But Amy…

I’m so buzzed after our day, but how does my super cool niche look and feel on my website, social media posts, etc?
I’m starting to get questions popping in my head now I’m implementing?

I don’t want you to go just yet!! 

No problem…

I have 2 special add ons, just for you, so we can continue to work together to keep you motivated and on track to see all those lovely results you’re after sooner rather than later!

Add ons
3.pngOption 1
Brand blast

3 X 1:1 sessions

These sessions are to give you a head-start and a boost to keep you accountable so that all the good work from the Niche Builder day doesn’t go to the bottom of the To Do list once the normal work week resumes.

We’ll make sure your marketing is aligned so that your something special is highlighted and taking centre stage across your marketing and communications.

We’ll look at your website, social media, content, emails to make sure they are all pushing the same message and ready to start attracting all your lovely clients.


🔶 3 monthly 1:1 sessions via video call
🔶 A video and write up of the sessions so you can focus on the sessions.
🔶 You’ll also get work on’s for you to do before the next session.

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option 2

Monthly 1:1 Programme

iF YOU Want more help, more accountability, Then this programme is for you.

This monthly 1:1 programme is not one of those getting pumped up after the call then the next day you go back to normal. I make sure each month you’re smashing your goals, getting in front of new customers, refining your message and growing your business.

Each month contains 

🔷 1 x 1hr 1:1 session via video call for us to go over your marketing and make sure you are improving and growing each month.

🔷 1 x emergency button call each month
I love this, as this allows you to give me a call if you’re having any questions whilst your in implementation mode. I think there’s nothing worse than a niggle in your mind that grounds you to a halt because the procrastination monster has kicked in.

🔷 I’ll also be around on What’s app so you can ask me questions as you go to keep you on track and most importantly to celebrate your wins - and there will be wins!

🔷 Each session will be written up and you’ll get a video of session so you can focus on our call. You’ll also get work on’s for you to get doing before our next session.

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say hi to becky

“As a new entrepreneur I understood the importance of brand identity to attract my ideal clients but I felt overwhelmed by all the aspects I needed to consider. The session was so much fun and Amy’s marketing expertise was invaluable. I walked away with crystal-clear clarity on my business identity and with useful resources to action my plan. I feel more energised and motivated and feel super confident now to create a memorable and successful business. Thank you!”

How to get started

If you're reading this and you're starting to get a little bit pumped,

you're feeling a tad relieved that there is help out there, no more having to do it all alone, and

you're thinking this could be what you've been after for a while?

Then I would absolutely love to chat to you!


Click the button below and choose an available time for us to have a quick chat where you can tell me a bit more about your business.


Watch your email for questions from me. Before we hop on the call, I’d like to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of working with me.


Answer the questions and hit 'submit'.


At the scheduled time of your call, we’ll have a chat! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.


Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

Frequently asked questions

I'm quite busy, how will I fit it in?
I should prob ask first, what are you busy with? You should be making sure you’re not only working in your business, you need to make time to work on it too. This is rule no1 to make your business grow. With me you will be working smarter so you will need less time to achieve the results you are after. You’ll be cutting out the faff time, the procrastination time, and just be getting down to business.

You’ll need to be able to have a day for the Niche Builder day. The reason this is a day is so that you can have to time to focus on your business, with no distractions, no time restraints, and let those ideas to flow and really get stuck in.

Both the 3 x session or the monthly sessions, you’ll need to be available for our 1hr session a month. This will be at the same time each month so you will be able to plan your month around this. You’ll also need to be able to give the time to getting the work done in between the session to be able to reach your goals and see results. If you can’t give the time to this, then this is prob not the programme for you.  

Can I just get the monthly sessions?
The Niche Builder day sets the scene and is the part that gets you to dig deep and really get to know the business. If, however, you’ve worked with me before and had a Niche Builder day already then you can go straight to the monthly 1:1 sessions. 

I'm not sure I need this right now, I'll see how the next few months go.
Of course I am not going to make you do something you are not ready for, I’m that sort of person, but don't put something off that you know deep down you need to do for your business. I've been there and looked back and felt as if I wasted those months. If you know this is what you need, then why not go for it! I've got your back and after the Niche Builder day I know you’ll feel that you should have done this sooner and you’ll be on cloud 9 with your biz! 

Am I locked in forever with Dynamos?
No, of course not. I do however recommend that you stay for at least 3-6 months so that you start to see the results and so you can make the most out of working together. You can cancel at anytime all you need to give me is one month notice, so we can have a round up session to make sure you have all you need before you go out on your own.

Do I have to have the sessions every month?
I find that being regular helps the momentum to get things done. I've worked with clients before with big gaps and it can push things back. Of course if you have a holiday booked in the time of working together, we can work around this.  

How much is Stand Out & Shine, Brand Boost & Dynamos?
Once your call is booked, before we hop on the call, I’ll send you a price guide containing all the details for each.

How does payment work?
The Niche Builder day is paid upfront as I need to prepare the day for you.
Brand Blast comes as a package so will be paid upon invoice.
Dynamos, the monthly 1:1 mentoring sessions, is paid monthly on the 1st of each month. This payment will come out of your account automatically. You can cancel at any time with 1 month notice.


So if,

★ You’re sick of wasting time, watching your competitors being that one step ahead of you and you feel you’re trailing behind.

★ You’ve had enough of not knowing how best to talk about your business.

★ You’re frustrated you’re attracting the wrong clients.

★ You just want to ask someone what they think of your idea, you’ve had enough of trying to work it out alone.

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I’m here to give you that turning point in your business, where you go from fine to fantastic.

➤ I’ll give you a clear path and get you to where you need to go. No more trying to work it all out by yourself. I will be your personal cheerleader, guru and mentor all rolled into one.

➤ You’ll know how to stand out from the noise, and place your business well and truly on the map with your perfect clients.

➤ You’ll finally know where to put your energy, meaning your head will be clear and focused, you’ll feel so aligned with your business, the ideas will be flowing.

➤ Your confidence in attracting your ideal clients will be through the roof and you will wonder why you didn't do this sooner.

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If you want to finally get out of your rut,
I would absolutely LOVE to talk to you.

Let’s arrange a chat and you can tell me a bit more about your business. Then we can take it from there.  

I should say that there is absolutely no obligation from this call, it’s a good starting point for us to get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit! :)

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Click on the button below and choose a time and we can have a chat about your business.